Our Kids Now Smoke Due to Their Father's Hemp Habit - Wife Tells Court, Seeks Marriage Dissolution

A housewife whose mother allegedly cautioned to avoid her husband while they were dating a result of his dependence on Indian hemp smoking before they got married, is presently looking for disintegration of their marriage. 
A housewife Serifat, has told a judge court in Oyo state, she needs her marriage broke down. 

As indicated by Serifat who is a specialist: "My mom cautioned me to avoid my better half while we were seeking a direct result of his dependence on Indian hemp smoking, however I turned hard of hearing ears to her advice since I was enamored. 

"I went into marriage with him and the acknowledgment of the circumstance I was into occurred to me when he began beating me. He likewise transformed our home into a fireplace and acquainted our kids with his smoking propensity." 

Serifat, petitioned for separate against her significant other, Raimon Arise, a driver, claiming that he was unreliable, and that he battled and beat her at each given open door. 

"My significant other never concealed it from me from the time we were seeking that he smokes Indian hemp. I wasn't happy with this, however I was frantically infatuated with him. When I griped, he guaranteed to quit smoking instantly we got hitched. 

"My mom cautioned me against wedding him from the start, yet I declined to see the prevail upon her. She along these lines left me to my destiny. As opposed to quit smoking when we got married, he deteriorated," she expressed. 

"We were then living in his family house, he would sit outside the house and freely smoke wraps of Indian hemp. I generally felt humiliated and embarrassed at whatever point he did this. Whenever I forewarned him or discarded the wraps, he would beat me notwithstanding when I was pregnant. 

"He was never keen on my survival; I sustained and dress our children, however whenever we battled, he would tear my garments into pieces. 

"He was partial to stripping the house and taking my cash. He went similarly as taking a considerable measure of cash that I kept away from plain view, however he denied doing as such. 

"He additionally stole and sold my gems. Since our children who were seven and five years separately watched him smoke Indian hemp, they additionally took to smoking cigarette butts. I was stunned the day I discovered them doing it. 

"My significant other additionally drinks liquor and was partial to sending our kids to purchase sachet dry gin. 

"I fought with him over this, yet he neglected to halt from the propensity. His relatives sent us out of the family house due to the shame and disrespect my significant other brought upon them because of his smoking propensity," she included. 

"He's not made a fuss over our kids' training; I selected them in a nursery school and was in charge of their school expenses. 

"I went out in 2015 and took my youngsters along. I took our kids to my mum for legitimate care, however he went there in 2016 on the affection that he needed them to spend the Eid-.el-Kabir celebration with him and never took them back to her. 

"He took them to her mom. There, they have next to zero care and have quit tutoring. 

"My better half is a disfavor. I don't need our kids to toe his stride.. I, in this manner, supplicate that the court to isolate us and give me the authority of our kids," the offended party said. 

The litigant consented to separate, yet declined that she gets authority of the kids. 

"It's actual I smoke Indian hemp. The propensity has moved toward becoming piece of me. She knew this before we got hitched, Therefore, I, don't know why she's making an issue out of it. She lied about the youngsters' training. I pay their school expenses routinely." 

Boss Ademola Odunade, having heard the two sides inquired as to whether they had witnesses. Both had their moms as witnesses while their kids were likewise present in court. 

The judge asked the youngsters who are presently eight and six years of age if their dad smokes Indian hemp and they replied 'yes'. 

Odunade dismissed the case till August 24 for judgment.

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