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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Nigerian Banker Allegedly Kills Brother Over Football Arguement

A Nigerian banker has ended up in a wreckage after he purportedly slaughtered his sibling amid a football argument. 

The police in Plateau have apprehended a 30-year-old investor and local of Ganawuri Village in the state, who supposedly executed his more youthful sibling over a contention on a football match. 

The suspect professedly killed George Mang, 29, over a arguement they had concerning a football match on May 12. ACP Augustine Girma, who affirmed the episode in Jos, notwithstanding, said that the suspect was on bail in light of tmedical grounds. 

Girma of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Command, said the suspect's guidance, Mr David Adudu, had offered a medical account of the wellbeing status of his client. 

He said the legal counselor had asked that the suspect be discharged on safeguard to get quick therapeutic consideration. 

Girma said the lawter had noticed that the place his client was being held did not have the important offices for him to get restorative treatment. 

He said that the police were holding the suspect until the time the state Ministry of Justice would charge him to court. 

A family source, who argued namelessness, said that the suspect was viewing a football match with the expired at home on the game changing day when a contention resulted between them. 

The source said that George, a stepbrother of the suspect's, lost his cool when the speculate called him a medication someone who is addicted which prompted a battle between them. 

The source said that couple of minutes into the battle, the expired tumbled down and died. The source said that some relatives who did not need the issue answered to the police immediately covered the dead man. 

In any case, another sibling of the expired, who felt bamboozled, revealed the issue to the police on May 24 and accordingly, the suspect was captured, the source included. 


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