Muslim Woman Granted $85000 After Her Hijab Was Forcibly Pulled of by Policeman

A Muslim lady whose hijab was pulled off by a male officer while she was in police custody,has been granted $85,000 . 

Kirsty Powell, an African American Muslim documented a claim, in 2016 and it incited the Long Beach Police Department to invert its arrangement banishing detainees from wearing religious head covers. 

The case began in May 2015 when Powell and her better half were halted by two officers since he was driving a lowrider vehicle on Long Beach Boulevard, Rifahie said. 

She gave them her ID data. At the point when officers ran her name through their database, they found she had three wrongdoing warrants for frivolous burglary, vehicle robbery and opposing capture, police said. 

Powell didn't know that a warrant had been issued for a 2002 frivolous robbery offense, her lawyer said. Alternate warrants were issued after Powell's sister had dishonestly utilized her name, as indicated by the government claim. 

As officers arranged to capture Powell, her significant other asked for that a female officer be called to the scene since physical contact must be finished by a lady, the claim fights. 

The officers denied and cuffed Powell, as per the suit. She was then advised she would need to remove her hijab. 

Powell told the officers "that she wears a hijab as per her religious practice and that it is her legitimate appropriate to wear it," the claim said. 

She was headed to the Long Beach police headquarters, where she was reserved and stripped of her hijab before other male officers and detainees, as indicated by the claim. 

Powell was kept for 24 hours without her hijab. When she was permitted to leave, she was given a property pack containing it. 

"She was held in the prison overnight, compelled to sit in a cell feeling upset, powerless and bare without her headscarf to everybody that passed," the claim said. "She cried all through the trial and experienced mortification when both her religious convictions and individual uprightness were disregarded. She felt that the male officers and male prisoners had seen parts of her body that they ought not have seen, as per her religious convictions." 

Soon after her discharge, Powell connected with CAIR, the Muslim social liberties association, to go over her alternatives.

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