Meet The Tallest Man In Nigeria, Hafix Agoro

Naij ran over a photograph of the young fellow who is thought to be the tallest man in Nigeria after it became famous online via social media. 

Hafiz was given the nick Agoro due to his tallness. In Yoruba dialect the word Agoro is utilized for individuals that are uncommonly tall like Hafiz. 

At the time, Bakare Olalekan was six feet and eight inches tall. 

It is conceivable that a year or a long time from now another man could be found as the tallest man in the nation. 

As indicated by a rundown made on Wikipedia, there are more than one hundred men who are as tall as 7ft and 8ft around the globe. 

So it could be conceivable that there are men who are taller than Hafiz that have not been found in Nigeria. 

Be that as it may, for the time being 'Hafiz Agoro' is apparently the tallest man in Nigeria. He is 7ft and 4 inches tall.

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