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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Man Sent To Prison For Failing To Marry A Lady He Got Pregnant In Lagos

A 43-year old man, Cyril Obinzu has been captured, charged under the watchful eye of a Lagos court and remanded in jail for impregnating a woman and neglecting to fulfil his obligations regarding the infant and the mother.

The episode occurred at 7 Rasak Avenue in Shasha, Lagos where Obinzu dwelled. Sources reports that Obinzu impregnated Happiness Umukoro however declined to wed her since he supposedly had another lady he had guaranteed to wed. It was assembled that Obinzu was dating Happiness and the undisclosed woman he needed to wed.

In any case, Happiness played a quick one on him, he got her pregnant and she told him about the pregnancy.

Sources accumulated that Happiness from there on asked him to meet with her family for formal introfuction and marriage.

He allegedly revealed to her that he had no goal to wed her as he presently had another woman sitting tight for him. It was then that Happiness debilitated him that either wed her or go to jail.

Joy apparently went to the Police at Area M Idimu Command and announced what unfolded between them.

Thus, Obinzu was captured and charged under the steady gaze of Ejigbo Magistrates court for carelessness by neglecting to supply her important needs in the wake of impregnating her.

He argued not blameworthy. The managing Magistrate, Mrs J.O.E. Adeyemi conceded him safeguard in the total of N50,000 with two sureties in like whole. Obinzu was remanded in jail guardianship pending when he will idealize his safeguard condition.

Sources accumulated that when it was clear to Obinzu that Happiness truly intended to imprison him, he opened arrangement from jail with her and they consented to wed.

Joy now needs the issue pulled back from court with the goal that they will get hitched and live as a couple.

There has been a few responses over the occurrence which were portrayed as constrained marriage as a result of the situation.

Attorney Samuel Okolie said on his facebook page " women are never again grinning, get her pregnant and you should wed her, getting savvier and more astute, utilizing lawful alternatives accessible to get hitched."

Others trusted that since Happiness was adequate for Obinzu to lay down with, she ought to likewise be sufficient for him to wed.

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