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Monday, 28 August 2017

Man Removes Friend's Organs To Avoid Paying Back N50,0000 Loan

A 40-year-old man in Kano, Hassan Lawan, niknamed, Mutuna, purportedly killed his dear companion, Zilani Yusuf, 35, who loaned him N50,000. 

At the point when Yusuf requested that Lawan reimburse the credit, the presume picked the naughty choice of murdering him instead of paying back the advance. 

The shrewd deed occurred in Bari town, Rogo Local Government Area, Kano State. To actualise his asserted malice act, Lawan welcomed Yusuf to his home on two events, apparently to talk about the issue of the loan. 

The first occasion when, he took Yusuf on his bike to his home at Tarenge Village in Rogo Local Government Area, Kano State. After the visit he gave Yusuf a ride back to his own particular house in Sabongari, Nasarawa town in Kafur Local Government Area, Kastina State, around 8.00pm. 

At that point on July 16, 2017, he welcomed him to visit his home the second time, on the guise that he would pay the cash. He likewise requested that the casualty not inform anyone concerning his visit to his home. 

Once more, it was with his cruiser that he took the casualty to his home Sunday Sun learnt from the Commissioner of Police, Kano Police Command, Mr. Rabiu Yusuf, that the speculate professedly killed his companion amid that second visit and after that collected his organs. 

Be that as it may, the air pocket burst when Yusuf did not return home and the companion he had trusted in under the steady gaze of leaving to visit Lawan, raised the alert and educated the casualty's family. 

His relatives detailed his vanishing at Rogo Police Station, which propelled a scan for him. 

In the mean time, Yusuf's companion told police what he had trusted in him, that Lawan dependably said that he ought not educate anyone about his visits to his home. Murder analysts pulled the suspect in and addressed him. He possessed up to the wrongdoing. 

The police later found the dead body of the casualty in Bari town, Rogo Local Government Area with his genitals remove, The Deputy Commissioner of Police accountable for the State Criminal Investigation Department, Mr. Ahmed Azare, praised Yusuf's companion for giving helpful data to the police, which empowered investigators to break the case. 

In a concise visit with Sunday Sun , Lawan conceded that his dear fellowship with the perished, who he said loaned him N50,000 yet he couldn't promptly reimburse. "When he kept on requesting for the cash, I chose to execute him to prevent him from aggravating me. I welcomed him to my home the first run through and endeavored to settle with him. 

I educated him not to advise anyone concerning his visit to my home. The second time I went to his home with my bike to pick him. At that point I executed him and expelled his genitals, so he would quit aggravating me to pay him. 

"After I murdered him, I thought the issue had finished, yet I didn't realize that he had been enlightening his companion concerning the cash he loaned to me and his visits to my home." 

Furnished with the data given by Yusuf's companion, the police captured Lawan, who took criminologists to recuperate the mangled body of the casualty. 

He is presently snapping his teeth in police care holding up to be charged in court for kill.

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