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Friday, 18 August 2017

Man Apprehended For Touching a Lady's Br**st In Lagos

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A 45-year old Ayo Fadairo has been apprehended and charged under the steady gaze of a Lagos court for inappropriate behavior and strike by purportedly touching a lady's bosoms and bum. 

The occurrence occurred at Akanro Street in Ilasamaja zone of Lagos where the suspect and the casualty live. 

In any case, the troubled Fadairo had demanded that he used to touch the victim's bosoms and butt cheek however she had never grumbled against such activity from him. 

Fadairo arrived in a bad position after he touched Anu Felix's bosoms and butt cheek with the want to draw her into sex without her assent. 

Activity reverse discharges as the visctim was not in the inclination for such and assaulted Fadairo which brought about genuine beating and attack from the suspect on the casualty. 

The issue was accounted for to the police at Itire Division and Fadairo was arrested and taken to the station. 

At the station, the victim claimed that the speculate attacked her by touching her reproductive organs and in the meantime struck her. 

It was assembled that Fadairo admitted that he touched her bosoms and bum and it was not the first occasion when he was doing as such to her and she never complained. 

Notwithstanding, the police demanded that since he touched the victim without her assent, he carried out a criminal offense and he was charged to court in like manner. 

Fadairo was charged under the watchful eye of Isolo Magistrates court for lead prone to cause break of open peace and attack on the casualty. 

He argued not guilty. 

The managing Magistrate, Mr A.O. Ogbe conceded him bail in the total of N30,000 with one surety in like sum. 

Nonetheless, Fadairo was remanded in jail guardianship pending when he willmeet his bail condition.

The issue was dismissed till 20 September, 2017.

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