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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Indian Girl Stabs Her Nigerian Boyfriend To Death

A young Nigerian man by name Chibueze has kicked the bucket after he was allegedly stabbed to death by his sweetheart amid a contention early today in India.

As indicated by Blacgold Exclusive who shared the video and photographs of the dead man, the suspect being referred to came to India where she fell in love with the victim. But, things turned out poorly well after a contention which made the young lady utilize a blade to wound the young fellow. She could be found in the video crying as she couldn't accept what had happened.

"A humble fellow who left Nigeria to India in search of a better life and then. Later fall in love with one runs girl who came to India to hustle on a street level. This early morning announced death by stab. The girlfriend send him to early grave. What a life? The picture is the victim and girlfriend."

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