How to Get MTN Double Data Bonus Offer

At some point a year ago, MTN presented the double data bonus offer which was really a lifeline for the time it kept going. The information extra was really accessible to everybody as long as you are prepared to get another telephone or change your IMEI. Imagine subscribing for data design of 1.5GB and getting 3GB information at a similar cost. 

Many individuals really delighted in the MTN double data bonus until early this year when MTN chose to cut it from 100% reward for a half year to only 20% reward for three months, yet the best thing now is that another methods for getting the double data bonus has quite recently been found. 

So on the off chance that you passed up a major opportunity for the past double data bonus offer or you are among the individuals who delighted in it, here is another open door. What improves this even is you don't need to change your IMEI as you can utilize this new strategy on anyphone at all.
How to Activate the New MTN 100% Data Bonus

Open your messaging app and send the text message below accordingly

1. Send DOUBLE to 131
2. Send PROMO to 131
3. Send FREE to 131
Once you have sent the SMS above, you will get the replies below.
1st message: Your request has been received
2nd message: You have sent an invalid command
3rd message: Dear Customer, enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#

How to Subscribe for the MTN Double Data
After receiving the three messages above, just dial *131*1# to subscribe to your preferred data plan and enjoy the double data offer. 

To check your data balance, you can send 2 to 131 or dial *131*4#.

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