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Saturday, 26 August 2017

GLO Shuts Down Operations In Ondo State

The endorsers of the Glo network in four neighborhood government zones of Ondo State have been not able utilize the service for as far back as two weeks as the 33 stations in the ranges have been closed around the security men keeping an eye on them. 

The influenced four neighborhood government territories are: 

1. Akoko North-East 

2. Akoko North-West 

3. Akoko South-East 

4. Akoko South-West Local Governments 

As indicated by reports, the watchmen were said to have made the move in challenge the telecom goliaths following non-installment of their compensations for as far back as 11 months by the security eoutfit, Concord Security Limited, contracted by Glo to enlist the gatekeepers. 

A portion of the 66 watchmen who talked on state of namelessness on Friday deplored that the security organization was owing them 11 months pay, and they couldn't adapt doing the employment once more. One of them said; 

"We need to close down the stations we are guarding a direct result of non-installment of our compensations, we have reached our manager, Concord Security Limited in Akure however our supervisor, Mr. Friday disclosed to us that Glo was owing him that is the reason he too is owing us. 

"We need to interest the administration of Glo Telecommunicaton to pay our organization with the goal that they could pay us as well. We are acquiring N10,000 as pay every month, you can see that that is too little for us yet we are overseeing it, yet they are denying us the cash, this is out of line" 

The General Manager of Concord Security Company, who was recognized as Mr. Friday conceded that the organization was owing the security protects. As per Daily Post, the man said he was owing the laborers on the grounds that Glo was owing him as well, however clarified that the issue has been settled. 

" We are owing them, we are not denying that; it is because of the monetary issue in the nation. Our customer, Globacom is owing us 16 months and we can pay the security up to 11 months. I have conversed with them that it was not a deliberate represent us to owe them since we are contractual workers. At the point when our customers pay us, we pay our specialists," Friday clarified

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