DSTV Accused of Purportedly Showing P0*n on Cartoon Network

A Nigerian vocalist, Azadus, has taken to his instagram page to impact DSTV for airing po*n on kids channel, Cartoon Network. 

As indicated by the artist, the 18+ which demonstrates a female Character giving a male character a hand work, left him asking for legitimate screening of children's projects circulated or things would be done gracelessly. 

The Singer took to his Social instagram page and composed this:
“Dear DSTV, I hope you guys are not mad ? Please lets repost this until it gets to Oga Lai Mohammed”

Be that as it may, DSTV has denied the assertion and here's their announcement; 
'A report of a profane picture showed on the kids focused on TV station has met boundless feedback.
DStv's Cartoon Network, even with feedback concerning a grown-up content purportedly broadcast on its channel, has discharged an announcement to quiet nerves. 
Web-based social networking clients, generally guardians and ethically cognizant people shared censorious remarks following reports that the satellite TV channel showed a photograph that depicts foulness. 
With all due respect, the youngsters focused on amusement stage prevented any utilization from claiming indecent pictures on its channel, asserting that the photo credited to it is fake. 
An announcement showed before today on DStv's Facebook page peruses: 
"We know about the legitimized worry of some of our African watchers in regards to what purportedly demonstrates improper substance on Cartoon Network. 
"We can affirm decisively that these pictures are not legitimate and have never been communicated or shared on any official Cartoon Network stages in Africa in any way. 
"The fake pictures via web-based networking media were not created via Cartoon Network, and are not the slightest bit illustrative of our objective to give reasonable, age-proper excitement for African kids and families." 
This improvement is like negative responses got when Disney's "Star versus the Forces of Evil" disclosed its first gay scene. 
The significant concern is that kids, who make up the principle group of onlookers of the program will be gravely affected by the substance. 
In an Africa where gay exercises are emphatically glared against, such message is viewed as a plot to wreck kids from social esteems endorsed by their general public.'

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