Church Member Caught Wearing 7-year-old Neighbor's Pant and Bra for Ritual at Night in Lagos

A man distinguished as brother Hyacinth has been captured in Lagos for wearing the and bra belonging to his 7-year-old neighbor, Ijeoma, for alleged ritual. He was captured by a few warriors at Oduloju road, Sabo-Oniba at around 3a.m on Saturday, while satisfying a ritual requirement. 

According to Naaija, the Abia state indegene who lives in a room with his wife and kids, supposedly claims more than five shops with the business name "A.Y" in ASPAMDA exchange reasonable complex and 7 plots of land at Igbede. 

His neighbors said that he is exceptionally kind and liberal. He has, purportedly, helped his landlord since he stuffed in and has offered driving his kids to class. He is a Deeper Life member and is prominently know as "brother." 

An eye witness uncovered that the soldiers who found him while playing out the custom on an extension in the region, had heard a repeating chant of spells with the name "Ijeoma" and gently drew nearer to the course of the voice. 


Be that as it may, the suspect notice their presence and fled, however the officers ran after and followed him to his home where the wife begged for mercy but the case was in this way hhanded over to the Oduloju people group.

He was later exchanged to the Sabo-Ajangbadi police headquarters where he is at present being confined.

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