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Friday, 25 August 2017

Child Dies In General Hospital Due to Carefree Attitude of Doctors

A two-year-old kid, distinguished as Christopher Mike-Ozugha, has died untimely because of the irresponsible disposition of some doctors at the Ikorodu General Hospital, Lagos State. 

The couple – Esther and Emmanuel Mike-Ozugha – said the youngster was taken to the healing center since he experienced issues in breathing. 

The couple blamed the clinic for putting him on oxygen for around 30 minutes, including that the oxygen tank had come up short on oxygen. 

They said it was late when the oversight was found, as the casualty in the end kicked the bucket. 

Be that as it may, the general healing center said the boy had serious bronchopneumonia and malaria, which took his life. 

It was learnt that Christopher's mom had come back from work last Wednesday and found the kid, who was left under the watchful eye of her more youthful sister, running temperature. 

She said she gave him paracetamol syrup and he turned out to be fine. 

"When I was in the workplace on Thursday, my sister called me that Christopher was running temperature once more. I hurried back home and took him to a maternity specialist in Irawo, Ikorodu. She checked his temperature and gave him against jungle fever drugs, yet there was no change. 

"On Friday, we took him to Olive Clime Hospital and a specialist at the private healing center ran a test on him. He gave us paracetamol, anti-microbials, and hostile to jungle fever drugs. The test turned out on Saturday evening and my child's temperature was still high. The specialist said he didn't have microscopic organisms or contamination and said he would proceed with the counter jungle fever treatment. 

"That Saturday night, I saw my kid was bleary eyed, yet the specialist said it was because of a few medicines he took. He said he would be fine." 

Esther clarified that the specialist advised her and her better half around 11pm that their child's breathing was unusual and alluded him to the Gbagada General Hospital. 

She said they took the kid to the Ikorodu General Hospital in light of the fact that the previous was far. 

She stated, "He could walk and talk around then. We got to the general healing center around 1am. They began grumbling that why did we go to a private healing facility and come to them when things were escaping hands? 

"A specialist let one know of the medical attendants to plan oxygen for Christopher. The medical attendant said the oxygen tank they had was not working and that we ought not bother her. 

"Afterward, another medical caretaker came and I beseeched her. She tailed me to the Accident and Emergency Ward, where we got an oxygen tank. Following 30 minutes, the medical attendant returned to check and said there was no oxygen in the tank. She immediately associated him to the focal oxygen. 

"After a few minutes, it began squinting and I raced to call the principal nurture. She said I should allow her to sit unbothered. She instructed me to put it off and switch it on once more. I did as such and it began working once more. 

"Before long, my youngster began acting up. I kept running back to her. She said I should abandon her; she didn't tail me. 

"Afterward, the second medical caretaker said the level of the oxygen was low. At that point, my child was never again reacting. Something was leaving his mouth. I was conveyed of the ward since I was panicky." 

The expired's dad, Emmanuel, who substantiated his better half's record, said their kid passed on around 11am. 

He stated, "I am a Christian; I leave retribution to God. As a matter of fact, it (the passing) was because of the clinic's carelessness. They brought an oxygen tank without oxygen and put the channels in his nose without interfacing alternate closures to the oxygen tank. When I sat tight for the attendant to settle it and she didn't show up, I expelled the channels with the goal that he could inhale typical air. 

"To my most prominent shock, the specialist that came to inspect him as opposed to settling the blame, kicked the funnels away. He just touched the infant and left. A medical attendant said I was squandering the oxygen. She turned on the tank handle, however nothing turned out. She said it was not working. She called a professional that brought it." 

Emmanuel said the specialist opened the tank and oxygen began getting away. 

He clarified that the specialist called the medical attendants to control the stream without getting any reaction, including that the man left in outrage in the wake of directing the stream to a specific degree. 

"I set the funnels back into his nose. The medical caretaker that was on night obligation came and found that there was no oxygen in the tank. She at that point associated him to the focal oxygen till sunrise. 

"They took him to the crisis ward and he was to be set on the focal oxygen, which was not turning out. They needed to call for help to get it settled, and that went on for around 10 minutes. Before I knew it, my child's chest had swollen. That was the point at which I knew he was gone," he included. 

A senior authority at the healing facility, who did not need his name in print, said the patient was gotten a terrible condition. 

He portrayed the charge that the oxygen tank was defective and shy of oxygen as false, including that examination had initiated the asserted emotionless state of mind of the main medical caretaker. 

He stated, "The kid was determined to have extreme bronchopneumonia and serious intestinal sickness. He had high fever and trouble in breathing and was regurgitating. At the point when a specialist inspected him, he was sleepy in a semi-oblivious state and treatment was started. 

"For four days, the guardians were going from home to the doctor's facility. The patient was alluded on the fifth day when his condition had crumbled to the Gbagada Hospital, however the guardians chose to bring him here. 

"Ikorodu General Hospital does not charge for oxygen and it is constantly accessible in the healing facility. Truth be told, oxygen was provided on Saturday, August 19, and the patient came in early Sunday morning. Along these lines, there couldn't be any issue of supply and it is not genuine that the oxygen tank was void. 

"We work focal oxygen that is accessible at each bed. In circumstances where beds or all the oxygen focuses have been involved, we turn to oxygen concentrators, which are tantamount to the focal oxygen." 

The Olive Clime specialist, Dr. Olumide Sam-Ayodele, who talked with our journalist on the phone, said his healing facility had no blame. 

He stated, "I got the side effects of bronchopneumonia exactly when the tyke could be spared. To clear the record, the youngster was cognizant when they exited and his temperature had descended. 

"Between the season of the referral and the time they got to the general clinic, anything could have happened. I called a taxi driver to convey them with the goal that they got to where they were going on time. I alluded them to the Gbagada General Hospital at first since I thought the security circumstance in Ikorodu won't not make it simple for the driver to arrive. The driver said he could go there and obviously they can go to any broad healing center with the referral."

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