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Friday, 18 August 2017

Alfa Keeps Human Parts Of His Friend In The Ceiling In Ilorin

An Ilorin Magistrates' Court on Thursday requested the remand of an Islamic cleric, Babatunde Suleiman of Oloje zone, Ilorin for purportedly being in pocession of human parts. 

Officer Bio Saliu requested that the accused be remanded at Oke-kura Prison, Ilorin and suspended the case until August 31 for additionally specify. 

The prosecutor, Inspector Isaac Yakubu, told the court that the accused uncovered the corpse of his friend and disjoined the head, two legs and two hands for ritual purposes. 

He said that the human head, two legs and two hands were recuperated from the roof of the respondent's room. 

The prosecutor said that the parts were followed because of hostile smell from the respondent's home. 

He said that the respondent was docked on a two-check charge of criminal connivance and unlawful ownership of human parts, offenses that repudiated Sections 97 and 219 of Penal Code. 

The respondent denied submitting the offenses, while the prosecutor protested the safeguard application, including that examination was all the while continuous.

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