Boli And Suya Can Cause Cancer - SOGHIN

Nigerians have been asked to go for regular screening, particularly for colon cancer, which is said to be a gigantic weight on the nation, as it is basic among individuals over 40.

The President, Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria President, Prof Musa Borodo, gave this notice at a press instructions honoring the tenth Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of the relationship in Ado Ekiti. . 

Borodo cautioned that sicknesses, for example, colorectal disease, liver malignancy, helicobacter pyloris and different contaminations that happen in the gastrointestinal tract, are generally difficult to detect when checking out signs and symptoms. 

Furthermore, when the side effects are evident they are frequently past the point where it is possible to treat. As indicated by him, around 10 percent of individuals in Nigeria are experiencing Hepatitis B – a viral contamination – which he cautioned could prompt malignancy, if not treated properly. 

“This (Hepatitis B) is something that can be prevented, if you don’t treat it, it could become cancer. So, it is a huge problem.” Borodo said it was chosen to create awareness on early detection of cancer, prevention and cure.

Borodo lamented that two cases of cancer at end stage are reported daily in the treatment centre. He advised people to take natural foods, avoid refined sugar, eat well, exercise regularly, drink clean water, visit hospitals for routine check up and stay away from smoking to avoid cancer. .

Stating some of the cause of cancer, the Chairman, Local Organising Committee for the conference, Dr. Deji Ajayi, cautioned against taking burnt boli (plantain), burnt suya and refined drinks as they could cause cancer.

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