3 Women Gang-Rape Pastor

3 ladies have been captured after they allegedly kept and "assaulted" a minister who had come to request cash he was owed by one of them. 

The man, whose name has been withheld for moral reasons, is a minister at a neighborhood church and is from Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 

Sandra Ncube (21), Riamuhetsi Mlauzi (23) and Mongiwe Mpofu (25) who live at a similar house in Cowdray Park suburb, showed up before Western Commonage officer Mr Lungile Ncube accused of bothered foul ambush. 

They were remanded in care to August 7 for continuation of trial. 

Indicting, Mr Petros Shoko said the complainant had gone to the ladies' living arrangement to request cash from Mlauzi at some point a week ago. 

"On July 14, 2017, at around 7PM, the complainant went to the three blamed people's living arrangement to gather his cash from Riamuhetsi Mlauzi, which she owed him," said the prosecutor. 

The court heard that the complainant was introduced the house before Ncube held him by the abdomen and caressed his reproductive organs. 

"They constrained him to lie on the overnight boardinghouse him. Ncube sat on his chest and he attempted to push her away. In any case, Mlauzi, who was in a similar room, held his legs together and sat to finish everything, squeezing him against the bed," said Mr Shoko. 

Mpofu, who was in another room, purportedly expedited condoms and set one the complainant's masculinity. She at that point purportedly helped to hold the complainant down as he was standing up to. 

"Ncube had sex with the complainant once, without his assent," said Mr Shoko. 

Amid trial, the trio denied "assaulting" the complainant yet conceded profanely ambushing him. 

"We were simply playing around Your Worship. I didn't feel that he would consider it important," said Ncube. 

Mpofu removed herself from the episode and said she had just been called to bring condoms. 

"I was not some portion of it. They just called me to bring condoms. We keep condoms around the house and there were some in my room, so I just brought them," said Mpofu. 

Mlauzi said she needed to "settle" the minister, whom she blamed for having an inclination of strolling in on her when she was washing. 

Mlauzi stated: "He generally strolls in on me washing and claims to be unaffected as a righteous man. I simply needed to check whether he would have been stimulated or not. I didn't plan to execute the entire assault thing, Your Worship." 

Judge Ncube asked Mlauzi what she expected to profit by the assault, and she said she simply needed to demonstrate to the minister that he had emotions like every other person. 

"I needed him to see that he was not extraordinary and was not invulnerable to sexual excitement. When I touched him, he instantly got stimulated. Furthermore, that is all we needed to see," she said. 

The issue was accounted for at Cowdray Park Police Station and the complainant was alluded to Mpilo Central Hospital for a restorative examination. A restorative report was delivered in court as proof.

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